We give support

AWT has long-since crossed the borders of the Moravian-Silesian region, but we are still only too well aware of where we and the majority of our employees come from.  We support the development of the region through partnerships with leading local organizations and through donor activities which reach into all regions in which we operate.

St. Barbara Civic Association

AWT is a member of St. Barbara Civic Association.  The organization helps children who have lost a parent due to an accident at work.  Currently, the association has almost one hundred Czech, Slovak and Polish children on its register, contributing to their studies, leisure activities and healthcare.  The idea behind the foundation was mainly inspired by the effort to prevent  children whose parent had died thus to be financially discriminated against.  The priority is to support education and training.

The association concentrates particularly on tuition fees, school items, kindergarten fees, costs of hobbies and sports, school trips and ski lessons and so on.  In medical arena the association contributes to - for example - medical assistance or health-related breaks.

For more information go to www.svatabarbora.cz.

Mining Festivals

AWT is a longtime partner of Mining Festivals in Karviná, annually organized by the company OKD for employees with families and for people across the region generally.  It is a celebration of the feast days of miners and of mining traditions.  Part of the celebration is an attractive programme of music, competitions and attractions for children.

For more information go to www.hornicke-slavnosti.cz.

Railroad Day

AWT has long supported Railway Day, held annually in Ostrava and Bohumín.  This is a fun day with a rich programme for the small as well as adult admirers of trains and the roads of steel.

For more information go to www.denzeleznice.cz.

Dolní Vítkovice

S unique, globally renowned area in the centre of Ostrava where coal used to be mined and pig iron produced between 1828 and 1998.  Now the industrial complex has transformed into a unique educational, social and cultural centre of a significance reaching beyond the region.  On a daily basis the area is there to serve the Ostrava inhabitants and tourists from all over the world.  A skip hoist takes you to the top of Blast Furnace № 1, professional conferences and international congresses take place in a former gasholder, which is now the Gong auditorium, and children play with their parents in U6 Science and Technology Centre. On the premises you also find Science and Technology Centre presenting science and technology as an entertaining game, and a cultural area Hlubina attracting not only musicians and bands but also sculptors, graphic designers, visual artists and music concert lovers to a variety of cultural events.

For more information go to www.dolnivitkovice.cz.


AWT supports non-profit extra-mural activities of its employees, which have a social benefit.  In 2012 the first sponsorship was announced of Staff Programme AWT - THAT’S US! Part of this is a quarter of a million crowns distributed to nearly three dozen projects.  These were primarily focused on helping children, but also for people with disabilities and senior citizens.  Other supported areas were the maintenance and restoration of our cultural heritage (especially related to railways), environmental protection and animal welfare, volunteer fire brigades, as well as sports and cultural events.

AWT belongs amongst the major corporate donors in the Czech Republic.  In addition to the number of projects were contributed to by individual companies of the group, there is also a tradition of staff collections.

Barriers’ Account

AWT has been for several years among the supporters of the project Barriers Account, whose main motto is "We help bring people back into life." The Barriers Account supports disabled citizens in   cases which are not covered by health insurance. It purchases for example special medical equipment, but also helps in various other areas of life. When opening the account for the first time in our country the principle of "infinite collection" was applied, whereby tens of thousands of donors regularly contribute small sums to a specified purpose.  Over twenty years of life the Barriers Account was so enabled as to distribute hundreds of millions of crowns and support thousands of projects.

AWT Group employees collect annually not only the mandated financial contributions, but subsequently also for the specific projects to be supported.  The acceptance of a gift is always published with thanks in the Foundation Barriers Account annual report.

For more information go to www.kontobariery.cz.