The environment

We try to be considerate towards the surrounding countryside and to the people who live in it. In Europe we are the leading private provider of rail freight services, which is the most ecological form of transport there is. It is an environmentally friendly means of transporting big loads over long distances. We reduce our business’s environmental impacts by regularly modernising our rolling stock and making effective use of intermodal transport. We are pursuing long-term endeavours to cut energy consumption and waste generation.

Energy and water consumption

We have for long monitored the consumption of different types of energy in our operations, for example electricity, heat, coke and fuels. Specific energy consumption per CZK 1 million of revenues has been falling in all areas since 2008. Electricity consumption, for example, has fallen by more than 20% since 2008.


We are achieving good progress in waste management. In the last five years our waste generation (in terms of company revenues) has fallen by more than half. The essence of our business is transport services and not production; two thirds of waste thus comprises scrap iron from old wagons that can be reprocessed and reused.


We carry out our activities with maximum possible consideration for the environment, with the primary objectives being to lessen the negative impacts on the public and limit the use of non-renewable resources. We pay considerable attention to prevention of and preparation for possible emergencies. In the past five years there has not been a single environmental emergency and the wastewater limits have not been exceeded.