Employee care

With more than 2,000 employees in dozens of workplaces throughout the Czech Republic, we are among the biggest employers in the country. Most of our employees work in the Moravian-Silesian Region, where AWT Group has its roots. We realise that skilled and flexible workers are a fundamental condition of success. That is why we invest in their education and qualifications, why we work with vocational schools, technical schools and universities. We support workers who devote their free time to publicly beneficial non-profit activities. We invest in work safety and constantly improve our work rules so that the risk of occupational injury is minimised.

Occupational safety

Accidents can happen when goods are being transported or other work is being done on sidings; the cause can be bad luck, carelessness or a failure to respect the rules. Our goal is to reduce these kinds of situations to a minimum, and above all to prevent loss of life.

AWT organises regular occupational safety trainings for all employees. It has drawn up a system of risks for all its operations. To prevent accidents as far as possible, for example, it regularly reminds employees about work safety principles before every shift. The company also holds its own Czechoslovak Norm OHSAS 18001:2008 certificate for occupational safety management.

In AWT there are internal regulations that ensure that all accidents and extraordinary situations are properly investigated. We notify our employees about the causes of accidents and adopt measures to ensure, as far as possible, that this kind of situation cannot be repeated.

Trade unions

AWT tries to maintain good and fair long-term relations with its employees and the trade union organizations that represent them.

There are currently three trade union organizations active in AWT:

  • Trade Union of Transport Workers
  • OS KOVO DOPRAVA basic organization
  • Employee Organization of Regional Trade Unions of OKD Doprava (‘ZOROS’)

The principal outcome of cooperation with the trade unions is a collective agreement binding for all employees of Advanced World Transport a.s. Besides wage negotiations, the trade unions are also involved in occupational safety, investigations into insurance events, organizational changes, setting working hours, creating the catalogue of work activities, bonuses and medical care.


The accelerating changes in the Czech and international economies make it necessary to keep improving and learning. That is why AWT devotes close attention and considerable finances to specialist and managerial trainings for its employees, drawing on European Union funds. In 2011 there was on average seven hours’ training per employee. Most of this training covered passenger and goods transport and technical subjects.


Besides education, employee benefits also include an additional week of holidays, contributions to pension or life insurance, contributions to children's recreation, meal allowances, discounts from contractual partners, etc.

Cooperation with schools

AWT’s large workforce makes it very important for AWT to regularly recruit new employees. We therefore try to support our future employees while they are still studying and to help schools whose leavers have for many years come to work for us. We are also regular participants in Czech and international employment fairs.

Cooperation with schools and universities takes the following forms:

  • work experience and internships
  • student outings to our places of work
  • lessons taught on the group’s premises (in locomotive depots, goods wagon repair shops)
  • setting topics for and providing guidance for baccalaureate and doctorate work projects

Some of the institutions AWT works with:


  • Technical University of Ostrava
  • University of Pardubice – Jan Perner Transport Faculty
  • University of Economics in Prague – Faculty of International Relations

Secondary schools and vocational schools

  • Česká Třebová Higher Vocational School and Secondary Technical School
  • Higher Vocational School and Secondary Industrial School of Machine Engineering, Construction and Transport, Děčín
  • Higher Vocational School and Secondary Industrial School of Transport, Prague 1
  • Ústí nad Labem – Stříbrníky Secondary School of Electrical Engineering and Communications
  • Technical and Transport Secondary School, Ostrava-Vítkovice
  • Havířov-Šumbark Secondary Technical School

Support for non-profit activities

AWT supports the leisure-time non-profit activities of its employees. Last year, 2012, we launched our employee sponsorship programme called We Are AWT! with a budget of CZK 250,000 for nearly 30 projects. Most of the projects focus on helping children, while other relate to the disabled and the elderly people. Moreover, projects include the upkeep and restoration of cultural monuments (particularly those linked to railways), environmental conservation, game-keeping, volunteer fire fighters, and sporting and cultural events.