Rail forwarding

  • AWT has been providing rail freight forwarding services through the traditional provider AWT Čechofracht for more than 15 years
  • Rail freight forwarding services are provided to both external customers and as part of integrated transport solutions offered by the AWT Group (3PL solutions)
  • Our ability to provide free capacity of railway wagons on the market complements our own extensive fleet
  • Independent from a single carrier in the Czech Republic and abroad
  • Modern information technologies


  • Control centre – we are the only carrier in the Czech Republic to guarantee the time of freight wagon delivery, and we offer package tracking
  • Extensive fleet of freight wagons, a leading position especially in covered freight wagons with dividers
  • We ensure connecting transportation including the creation of road-rail-road logistics chains
  • Transport of goods to and from CIS countries including transhipment and re-dispatch of consignments (change of transportation mode CIM / SMGS)