Rail transport group AWT arrives on Polish market with launch of AWT Rail PL


International transport group AWT, one of Europe’s leading rail freight carriers, has acted on its decision to significantly strengthen its presence on the Polish market by creating subsidiary AWT Rail PL in Poland. The subsidiary will mainly offer transport services to local industrial enterprises in the power, steelmaking, chemical and automotive market sectors.

“We have established AWT Rail PL because we see great potential in the Polish rail freight transport market. Poland is a strategic country in terms of its transit role in transport between eastern and western Europe, its essential ports and its transport infrastructure that plays a crucial role in linking the north and south of Europe. We already transport key commodities in Poland like coal, coke and materials for the steelmaking and chemical industries, and it is a country in which we want to develop dynamically in years to come,” said Jana Vládková, Chairwoman of the Board at AWT Rail PL, and Rail Transport Sales Director for the AWT Group.

The Polish rail market is approximately three times bigger than the Czech rail market. According to official statistics, 224 million tonnes of materials were transported by rail in Poland in 2011, while in the Czech Republic the figure was in excess of 80 million tonnes. The Polish market’s recorded transport distance in terms of tonne-kilometres was calculated as 51 billion, compared to the Czech market’s 14 billion.

AWT Rail PL will benefit from a Czech-Polish sales team that boasts many years of experience as well as knowledge of the Polish rail freight transport market, intermodal transport and heavy industry in Poland.

Along with its new Polish subsidiary, the AWT Group has existing subsidiaries in Slovakia (AWT Rail SK) and Hungary (AWT Rail HU). The registered office of the Polish company has been strategically located in Rybnik, southern Poland, given the city’s proximity to Ostrava where Advanced World Transport a.s. has its registered office.